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Purchase Eagle i-Callback card & get S$1 Bonus !

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*  Calling more than 600 zones in the world

*  Better voice quality IDD calling card

*  Competitive & economic pricing

*  Reliable & friendly customer service

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                                                       5  Services in 1 Card

      Eagle i-Callback card is a 5-service in one prepaid calling card.It enables a user to save cost in making international IDD calls using  fixed line with very low rates or  through the call-back service with a mobile phone (with free incoming call) by local i-Callback. There is no connection charge for making a call and most suitable for users who need to make frequent calls but with short duration. Allow making overseas calls at public phones with 1800 service. it Saves Cost in making IDD Calls from overseas Countries by overseas i-callback.......more

Eagle IDD Calling Card

Very competitive pricing

Lee Calling card

2 Services in 1 Card
No Connection Charge

    Enjoy calling your loved ones anywhere in the world with the Eagle IDD calling card.It is specially designed for making long duration overseas calls with competitive pricing....more   Specially designed for making frequent overseas calls with short duration. The LEE card also comes with the Call-back service. The Call-back service enables you to save cost while using a mobile phone* to make overseas calls .... .more

* with free incoming call service



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